Crosshaven Village Street Feast

1-3pm, Sunday 5 May 2019 - Village Square


Crosshaven Village Street Feast, the neighbourhood shindig and community party is back!


Everyone is welcome to join, whether you have lived in Crosshaven for years or just visiting for the day. The menu is pot luck, and everyone contributes by bringing along a plate or dish of something you love to eat and share with your friends.


Bring along a musical instrument and join in with the Crosshaven Ukuladies and Music4Children groups. Games, face paints and any other activities you can think of are also welcome at our community party!


We are looking for lots of input, so let us know if you can help with set up and take down, decorations for tables, activities for little ones and more.

Contact Joleen Cronin on to get involved.

St. Patrick’s Parade

Celebrating with all our cultures

Come join  us for our second parade.

We are calling all clubs, organizations, groups, families and businesses to join us to celebrate all that is great about Crosshaven,

it’s history, future, warmth and welcome.

Calling all Businesses!!!

Can ye help make our St. Patricks Parade Great!

We are looking for local business to hold a raffle to raise funds to

support our grand day out.

Contact on facebook or directly for more information.

Cead Mile Crosshaven

T’was a dark and gloomy night on Friday the13th in Crosshaven. The wild wind and rain battered the Imposing house. The Master of the house was hard at work preparing for the villagers. There was knock, a howl and a blood curdling scream and in trouped the grousomest gaggle of ghastly ghouls you ever did see. Some say they bore a resemblance to the Youth Club, but since none were brave enough to look them straight in the eye ...we shall never know for sure. The Master of the House was loathe to let such creepy creatures in but since they came baring gifts and swore a solemn oath not to eat any villagers they were granted entry. With them they bore The Sacred Scroll of Ghostly Going Ons of our Crosshaven Halloween Festival which shall occur the 26th to the 30th of this hallowed month.  The Ghouls were also delighted  to see a picture book of some of their most favourite humans including the Mud Monsters of the Rugby Club and Lovely people who bring  them tourists to terrify up in Camden, you can buy your your very own copy in Centra or the Post Office for only 8€! The villagers began to arrive, apprehensive at first, but once they realised they were not on the menu, they happily mingled with the monsters. Gratitudes were given and call was made to all Mortals for assistance in our upcoming festival.


Until Then...

The Traditional Sail Festival that takes place in June each year in the picturesque town of Crosshaven on the south coast of Ireland. Traditional Boat Festival for vintage boats of all types, shapes and sizes. Features a Parade of Sail on Sunday afternoon, children's crab-fishing and knot-tying competitions and a traditional market all-day Saturday. Come dressed as a Pirate or Wench for the Saturday night festivities in the local pubs and have a chance at winning the prize for the best-dressed. Loads of fun on the water and ashore. Heave -ho me hearties!!

Halloween Parade 2017